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2 years ago
fuck that‘s so hot! I want to be fucked like this in the streets too!
frankybboy 2 years ago
Part 2
A young blk dude was @ the end of the tunnel. Said he saw me getting fucked & wanted some to. I said yes. He fucked me and nutted inside me to. Then he said to me. "My homeboy is at the park rolling a blunt. If he wants to smash, are you down?" I said, "Hell yes!" We walked to this lil park, this young tall, tatted up Blk guy was there smoking weed. His friend told him something and laughed and said "Fuck it" we walked to the tunnel and he fucked his young blk nutt inside me to!
Michel 2 years ago
Wow what a pussy
Linda B 2 years ago
I wish I could have been in this video
Why 1 year ago
Dude look like 21 savage
all is well 2 years ago
great sex
Diva 1 year ago
This made me so wet,Jason come n take me now ,I want that big dick inside my wet black pussy
Fkrussia 1 year ago
Too the Streets where they belong
frankybboy 2 years ago
Part 1
Happened 2 me. I was in NY 4 work. Was horny & needed Dick. Jock strap, lubed up, headed 2 subway @ 2 am for sx club. Walked in a tunnel like this, a Fine, Blk King was walking towards me. I said "FUCK" as he passed by, he kinda laughed, we started talking. Said he was on his way home from a Tindr hook-up with a chick that didnt work out. A few minutes later I was on his D. went his way I kept walking.
Fucked them up! 1 year ago
The graffiti and vandalism on the walls is a great backdrop to the vandalism being performed on the two pristine white chicks. I’m glad to see the Brother bend over and buttffuck the one over the lounge chair. That needed to get done without question…great technique. The other chick got her tailpipe skillfully re-sized quite well too. The 2 Dudes worked the bitches like artists.